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Remembering Richard Carl Terzian '51
By Elaine Hartgogian Anderson, Evelyn C. Boyd, Haiganoush Preisler, Victor Stepanian, all former or current UCBAA Board Members

Richard, donor of the Armenian Alphabet sculpture "Apples from Heaven" which is located in the Doe Library on the Berkeley campus, passed away in late September of last year (2015). We would like to present the many words of those who were involved in bringing this project to fruition, especially John Ventimiglia, the sculptor:

"I worked on Apples from Heaven... about four years with Richard. ...Richard became more than a client. He was my patron and friend in the fullest sense. Richard guided my focus with letters, notes and telephone conversations with enthusiasm, joy and patience. We had enormous trust in each other. He gave me confidence in doing the best work I could and allowed me open ended time to achieve that. His generous manner enabled me to engage in making much more than a ...commercial work, truly a sculpture that I take great pride in... Richard was a dear man. ...I looked forward to our regular conversations which of late, I have greatly missed. I felt he wished he could ...take part in the creative process and be more present than he could from so far away... Pacific to Atlantic.... Finally, the Dedication came and we met the second time. It was a great honor to embrace him... though now I think all to briefly that afternoon at U.C. Berkeley. I shall miss him. I know he loved the sculpture."

From the U.C. Librarians – Tom Leonard, then Director of the University Libraries, and Richard were mutually respectful of each other (It was noted). "The Sculpture is in a perfect location" from the Assistant to the new Director, Jeff Mason. Elaine Tennant, Director of the Bancroft Library, can’t help but smile when she walks by the Sculpture—a little corner of Armenia.

Our former UCBAA Board President, Haiganoush Preisler comments: On September 2014, one year after the Dedication, Richard and his daughter revisited the Sculpture with personal friends. "One of Dick's fond memories of his time in Berkeley was going to Spengers—a fish restaurant in Berkeley." He took the four of us from the UCBAA Board to Spengers as a “thank you" for our work on getting the Sculpture to the Doe Library… He was in great form. He asked the waiter for a dish not on the menu at the moment. As a testament to his charm the whole staff of Spenger's worked together to find and cook for him Sea Bass exactly the way he remembered it years ago when he was a student at Berkeley. All the while his daughter was trying to tell him that the fish he is ordering was on the list of "endangered species"!

2013 UCBAA Board President, Victor Stepanian, who presided over the Dedication Program, said that he and Richard had a lengthy conversation about his days at Cal. He was proud of his alma mater and serving his country in the Air Force, and especially of his Armenian heritage. He was happy to have completed his sister Annette's dream by donating the "Apples from Heaven" Sculpture to U.C. Berkeley.

Richard received his Bachelor’s Degree from Cal and his Master’s Degree in Engineering from U.C.L.A. He worked at Hughes Aircraft, RCA, and TRW. A Celebration of his life was held on October 25, 2015 in Santa Monica. He is survived by his daughters, Christina, Maia, and Gayla Terzian.

"Make a trip—see the sculpture"

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